VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives
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R&D, Quality


R&D, Quality Control

VEMO 99 Ltd relies on perfectly trained biochemists and seasoned consultants with years of solid experience, who are in charge of the R&D department. Our laboratories are equipped with the necessary equipment for all characteristics determined from the indicators, standards and analytical methods embedded in the Company documentation. These are required for the full characterization of the raw materials and final products.


VEMO 99 Ltd has highly trained experts and seasoned consultants. Combined with the implication of closed production cycle, they guarantee the quality of research, development, production and control on every stage.

Global Level Quality Control

VEMO 99 Ltd’s production process is in line with all necessary regulatory requirements. Our products are registered and approved in compliance with government regulations in many countries worldwide. The company undergoes regular inspections by the respective government authorities and international certification organization and strives to meet global level quality standards.

Customized Solutions

VEMO 99 Ltd is a flexible organization aiming to provide best-quality products at reasonable prices. We feel that the best way to achieve that bold task is by recognizing the specific needs of our customers. Thus, we come up with solutions that perfectly fit the market needs, without any unnecessary additional costs. We customize our products depending on our customers’ requests and with the help of our experts in the relevant field the final result is exceptional.

High Quality and Cost Effectiveness

The closed production cycle, i.e. from raw materials to the finished goods, allows VEMO 99 to maintain complete analytical and technological control, as well as to minimize the production costs. This ensures the highest possible quality for the customers and enables the company to offer fairly competitive prices for the worldwide market.


VEMO 99 Ltd is an EN ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, FSSC 22000, GMP, GMP+, HALAL and KOSHER certified company.

The company VEMO 99 Ltd. is established in 1999 as a producer of natural dietary supplements, plant and enzyme premixes and feed additives.
The management of VEMO 99 Ltd. is aware that the existence of the company, its stability and prosperity completely depend on its clients and thus, the company constantly develops in respect to the level of quality and the range of its products offered to clients and partners.
Defining the Quality and Safety Policy of VEMO 99 Ltd. in its new shape and in accordance with the requirements and the guidelines of the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System – ISO 9001:2015/FSSC 22000/GMP+, the management of the company declares its major priority in:
Creation and maintaining of flexible marketing policy and organization of the company management allowing a quick response to the new market conditions.
Improvement of the company profitability by means of constant analyses/control of raw materials, products, equipment and infrastructure, efficient management of the processes of supply and planning, meeting the requirements of good manufacturing practices
Establishing and maintaining of steady contractual relations with suppliers and sub-contractors who provide and supply safe and harmless, high-quality raw materials and products.
Creation of positive attitude and motivation, commitment and responsibility in the work of the personnel for maintaining excellent production and personal hygiene, as well as technological discipline, achieving thus more complete and efficient results regarding the quality and safety of the product offered to the client.
Committing the personnel with new, economically appropriate and achievable targets related to quality as an inseparable element of the program for company development.
Provision of constant training to the personnel in the principles of the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System (IQSMS), as well as in the separate technological aspects of the production cycle.
Determination and elimination of mistakes and sources of these in the company activity, correct attitude in cases of elimination of clients’ objections and claims, setting the “prevention” principle as a leading one, immediate reaction in cases of deviations, omissions and discrepancies in the company activity and the IQSMS as an integral entity.
Inspection and assessment of the operation and functioning of the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System – ISO 9001:2015/FSSC 22000/GMP+ by means of planned inspections and internal audits.
Analysis of the up-to-date branch national and international documents and their influence on the company activity, as well as permanent control for implementation of all obligations originating from these documents.
Complete and continuous assessment of the influence of the used technological processes on the environment by means of consistent monitoring, analysis, control and improvement of the used natural resources, energy, raw materials and materials.
Protection of the company’s staff from health damage and occupational diseases with periodic conducting of medical check–ups, preventing incidents and accidents by taking preventive measures;
Maintain in good condition and readiness the necessary technical equipment and working tools to prevent and respond appropriately in the event of emergencies and natural disasters.
Efficient and environmentally sound management of waste in order to prevent and reduce harmful effects on human health and the environment.
1. As a basis for implementation of the practice for “QUALITY AND SAFETY POLICY“ the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System: ISO 9001:2015/FSSC 22000/GMP+ is accepted and confirmed.
2. Тhe Quality Control Manager and the Top Management of the company shall bear the full responsibility for application of the “QUALITY AND SAFETY POLICY“, implementing at the same time constant coordination and managerial activity towards the entire company personnel.
3. Every activity and process in the company shall be directed towards elaboration and constant improvement, as a result of which new criteria and requirements shall be set in front of VEMO 99 Ltd. Thus, in this form the “QUALITY AND SAFETY POLICY“ shall be a subject of annual update towards the new requirements.
4. Our personal commitment for provision of the necessary financial and human resources for maintaining and constant improvement of the current Integrated Quality and Safety Management System.