VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives
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Contract manufacturing

As we are a manufacturer of raw materials, that gives us the opportunity to absolutely close the production cycle for the end-customer products. We are one of the very few companies, which are able to implement a complete and finest control at all production stages of the final products and this provides us the confidence to offer high quality and reliable services to our valuable customers.

We can offer toll manufacturing and private label production of dietary supplements in encapsulated/sachet form, and in final customer packages, at our EU-based facilities under strict quality control. We can provide analysis of raw materials and finished products, homogenization, sachet packing, encapsulating, quality control of the finished products, packaging and labeling. This relies on our excellently trained staff and seasoned consultants and combined with our reliability and flexibility, we guarantee the research, development, production and control of every stage. In this way, we can guarantee the high quality of the finished product and provide a quality certificate for each batch. This is also ensured by the fact that we, as European producers, fully comply with all European regulations for the production of dietary supplements and ingredients.