VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives
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A story of success

VEMO 99 Ltd was founded in 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a family-owned business. The company emerged in very turbulent times for Bulgarian economy – the uncertain years of transition between two political systems.
The founders – Mr. Hristo Zlatev and Mrs. Nina Zlateva – have many years of experience in enzyme and biochemical production in the largest enzyme factory in Eastern Europe prior to 2000 – Plastchim Ltd.
Mr. Zlatev was Managing Director for the plant while Mrs. Nina Zlateva was a head of the R&D department.
Over a decade of excellent management in Plasthim Ltd. they were able to gain precious experience and knowledge, that later helped establish VEMO 99 Ltd.
The first idea of the company is production and development of standardized herbal extracts from rare Bulgarian plants. Since in Bulgaria there is a plentiful variety of herbal material, it is a very perspective idea.

Consequently, new business units were born:

  • Herbal and enzyme feed additives;

  • Development and production of natural dietary supplements;

  • Food enzymes.


1996: VSV Ltd – the predecessor of VEMO 99 Ltd was founded.

1996 – 1999: The first herbal extracts production plant was constructed in the city of Knezha, North-West Bulgaria.

1999: VEMO 99 Ltd was established as a core unit for development and marketing of innovative extracts from rare Bulgarian plants.

1999 – 2002: VEMO 99 worked on a new project for the development of innovative natural plant based feed additives – VemoHerb BP. Meanwhile, several innovative enzyme feed additives were developed and prepared for their market launch.

2002: A new business unit was created – development and production of natural dietary supplements, based on herbal extracts produced by the company. In the following years these products attracted high interest on the domestic and international markets.

2002 – 2003: VEMO 99 completed the registration of its main product series of feed additives – VemoZyme® and VemoHerb®. The following years witnessed huge local market interest in these products.

2002 – 2007: Herbal extracts sales on the international markets grew significantly.

2005 – 2010: A new, bigger facility for raw material production was completed in the city of Knezha, North-West Bulgaria. Its capacity is about four times bigger than the initial one.

2006 – 2007: A new very perspective product of the VemoZyme® series was developed and launched on the market – VemoZyme® F (thermostable phytase enzyme). It gained huge popularity on the domestic and international markets in the years that followed.

2014 – present: VemoHerb® PT (Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris dry extract) turned into even more demanded raw material for the premium herbal formulas manufacturers due to its high quality, concentration and purity of the extract being far ahead of its Chinese and Indian alternatives.

2015: New developments in the field of feed additives: VemoZyme® M and VemoZyme® P

2014 – 2016: New facility was built in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Its 2500 sq.m. serve as headquarters, administrative office, R&D and lab departments, product development and manufacturing facility

2016: New developments in the field of dietary supplements VemoHerb®: Bulgarian Tribulus Drink, Armageddon, VeganPro

2017: Innovative product from the series of the feed additives was developed and launched on the market – VemoHerb® Zyme. It is a unique combination of proprietary blended herbal extracts and enzymes.

2018: The company launched on the market the highly demanded extract from Bulgarian Triulus VemoHerb® TS. More products were added to the dietary supplements’ portfolio.