VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives
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Food Enzymes


We offer various enzyme additives for the food industry:

VemoZyme® FA – fungal alpha-amylase enzyme
The food additive VemoZymе® FA is widely used for flour improvement in the bakery business when flours do not have enough alpha amylase. The addition of VemoZymе® FA results in good crumb structure and high volume, due to continuous production of low-molecular-weight dextrins.

VemoZyme® X – xylanase/hemicellulase enzyme
The food additive VemoZyme® X improves wheat gluten network elasticity by acting on soluble and insoluble pentosans in the flour during dough processing. This results in higher stability and better handling of the dough, improved crumb structure and larger volume of baked bread. VemoZyme® X represents a good alternative to dough conditioning emulsifiers and could be used on its own or in combination with the latter.

VemoZyme® L – lipase enzyme
The food additive VemoZyme® L has various food – grade applications, mainly in bakery, where it improves crust and crumb structure. VemoZyme® L also prolongs bread shelf-life. That effect is particularly enhanced in combination with xylanases and fungal amylases.


VemoZyme® GO – glucose oxidase enzyme
VemoZyme® GO is a glucose oxidase preparation especially developed for the bakery industry. The product is derived from submerged cultivation of Aspergillus niger. VemoZyme® GO catalyses the oxidation of glucose, which results in gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The formed hydrogen peroxide is capable of oxidising free sulphydryl groups in gluten protein, thereby forming disulphide bridges.

VemoZyme® MA – maltogenic amylase enzyme
VemoZymе® MA is complex amylolytic enzyme preparation, composed of specially selected amylases for bakery applications. The bakery additive VemoZymе® MA is used for preserving crumb freshness, extending shelf life and preventing gumminess of baked goods. VemoZyme® MA acts on flour starch, resulting in accumulation of low-molecular-weight dextrins and maltose.


VemoZyme® PHL – phospholipase enzyme
The main effect of the bakery additive VemoZymе® PHL is replacement or considerable reduction in the use of emulsifiers such as DATEM, SSL and CSL, due to its special effect on polar lipids along with the broad substrate specificity. The resulting compounds represent natural emulsifiers, providing more uniform and white crumb structure, increased volume, better aroma and increased shelf life of baked bread. VemoZymе® PHL is a well-balanced mixture of specially selected lipases and phospholipases, designed specially for bakery applications.

VemoZyme® W – cellulase enzyme
The food additive VemoZymе® W is widely used as dough conditioning enzyme in the casual bread-making procedure, as well as viscosity-reducing enzyme for some special baked products such as pancakes, waffles and donuts. VemoZymе® W is a pure cellulolytic enzyme preparation developed especially for bakery applications.

VemoZyme® PR – protease enzyme
VemoZyme® PR is a pure protease enzyme preparation, specifically developed for bakery applications. It is widely used as dough conditioning enzyme in the normal baking procedures, acting as a gluten softening agent. This helps the dough become easier to handle and ensures a uniform dough texture.


VemoZyme® I – invertase enzyme
The food additive VemoZymе® I is an invertase enzyme preparation that catalyzes the hydrolysis (breakdown) of sucrose (table sugar) for the purpose of obtaining inverted sugar syrup.

VemoZyme® PAL – protease, amylase and lipase enzyme complex
The food additive VemoZyme® PAL is an enzyme based complex for  dietary supplements containing protease, amylase and lipase activities.


VemoZyme® TA – bacterial amylase enzyme
VemoZymе® TA is a thermostable bacterial amylase enzyme preparation designed to hydrolyze starch at a wide range of process conditions. VemoZymе® TA is used as a degrading and at the same time as a saccharification aid.

VemoZyme® AG – glucoamylase enzyme
VemoZyme® AG is glucoamylase enzyme preparation specially designed to break down starch into glucose in the process of alcohol fermentation. VemoZyme® AG tears both α-1.4 and α-1.6 glucose connections in starch, dextrins and oligosaccharides; provides practically full saccharification of the starch to glucose if earlier there was a proper, full dextrinization. It is active during the entire fermentation period.

VemoZyme® CA – cellulase enzyme
The food additive VemoZymе® CA hydrolyzes non-starch polysaccharides (cellulase, and other β-glucans, pentosanes, hemicelluloses). Reduces the viscosity of the must, influences positively the alcohol yield.