VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives
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VemoZymе® AG

VemoZyme® AG is glucoamylase enzyme preparation specially designed to break down starch into glucose in the process of alcohol fermentation.

Form – microgranule
Colour – light beige to light brown

Units of activity:

One unit of glucoamylase activity (GAU) is expressed through the quantity of enzyme preparation, needed for the liberation of 1μmol glucose for 1 minute, at a temperature of 30⁰C and pH 4.7.

Min 11 000 GAU/g

VemoZyme® AG tears both α-1.4 and α-1.6 glucose connections in starch, dextrins and oligosaccharides; provides practically full saccharification of the starch to glucose if earlier there was a proper, full dextrinization. It is active during the entire fermentation period.

350 – 500 g/t starch

Shelf life:
24 months

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid exposing to direct sunlight.

VemoZymе® AG is available in 25 kg PE bags, placed in cartons.