VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives
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VemoZyme® FA


Form – microgranule
Colour – light brown to light beige
Solubility – easy soluble in water

Units of activity:
One unit of Amylase activity (U) is expressed through the quantity of enzyme needed to hydrolyze 1 g starch for 10 minutes at 30⁰C and pH 4.7.

min 20 000 U/g (100 000 SKB/g)

Enzyme properties:
pH stability – 3.5 – 7.0
pH optimum range – 4.7 – 5.5
Temperature optimum – 45 – 55oC

VemoZymе® FA is widely used for flour improvement in bakery applications when flours do not have enough Alpha Amylase.
The use of VemoZymе® FA results in a good crumb structure and high volume, due to the continuous production of low-molecula- weight dextrins.
VemoZymе® FA is inactivated during the baking process.
The synergistic effect with Xylanases and Lipases, makes VemoZymе® FA well used product in complex bread improvers for obtaining the best results.

0.2 – 1.0 g/100 kg flour. Optimum dosage is subject to further bakery trials.

Shelf life:
24 months

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid exposing to direct sunlight.

VemoZymе® FA is available in 25 kg PE bags, placed in cartons.