VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives
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VemoZymе® PAL


VemoZyme® PAL is an enzyme based complex for dietary supplements containing protease, amylase and lipase activities.

Form – microgranule
Colour – light beige to beige

Units of activity:
Protease – Proteolytic activity is expressed in hemoglobin units and one unit of activity (HUT) is expressed through the quantity of enzyme needed to release 1μg tyrosine per minute from hemoglobin at 40⁰C and pH 4.7
Amylase – One unit of Amylase activity (U) is expressed through the quantity of enzyme needed to hydrolyze 1 g starch for 10 minutes at 30⁰C and pH 4.7; 1 U ~ 5 SKB
Lipase – The enzyme activity is determinated by the FIP method. One unit of lipase activity finds expression in the enzyme quantity releasing 1 μ-equivalent of fatty acids per minute at the conditions of the analysis – T – 37oC and pH – 7.0

Protease, HUT U – min 95 000 HUT/g
Amylase, SKB U – min 30 000 SKB/g
Lipase, FIP U – min 20 000 FIP/g

200-500 mg/day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Shelf life:
24 months

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid exposing to direct sunlight.

VemoZymе® PAL is available in 25 kg PE bags, placed in cartons.