VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives
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VemoZyme® W


VemoZymе® W is a pure cellulytic enzyme preparation developed especially for bakery applications.

Form – microgranule
Colour – light brown to light beige

Units of activity:
One unit of activity (U) is defined as the enzyme needed to liberate 1μmol reducing sugar (glucose) per minute from Na-CMC (carboxy methyl cellulose-sodium salt) at 50⁰C and pH 5.0.

min 20 000 U/g

VemoZymе® W is widely used as dough conditioner in normal bread making procedure, as well as viscosity reducing enzyme in some special baked product such as pancakes, waffles, donuts.
The enzyme inactivates during the baking process. Due to the synergistic effect of Cellulase with Xylanase, Fungal Amylases and Lipases, the product can be well used in complex bread improvers in order to obtain optimal results.

0.5 – 5 g/100 kg flour. Optimum dosage is subject to further bakery trials.

Shelf life:
24 months

Store in cool and dry conditions, avoid direct sunlight.

VemoZymе® W is available in 25 kg PE bags, placed in cartons.